Nicholas LaBelle Nicholas LaBelle


What I'm doing now


 I barreled through Lost Connections by Johann Hari. I liked it so much that I'm considering giving it a second closer read. I'm currently reading The Fractured Republic by Yuval Levin. On deck is The Hungry Brain by Stephan Guyenet. 


I have put my landscape photography on pause for the foreseeable future while I let my feet heal from an overuse injury. Sometime in September I plan on starting up Tucson Pups again(Flickr, Instagram). I am also looking into getting some new equipment and doing some more portraiture work. 


Got back into drawing and am learning Digital Painting through CTRL-PAINT.


Currently working at a call center while I am looking at going back to grad school for either Marketing or Counseling. Because of the foot injury I had to put all hiking & cycling goals on hold, so I've been swimming weekly. Mid August I hit my mile swim goal, so I am working towards doing a faster mile now.